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Lucille Mozena
Steve Mozena
Dear Neighbor:

America, the apple of his eye!

"I'll have a one-man parade as I march around Central Park in New York wearing my WWII beret as if I am in a victory parade, because I will have immigrated to America. 

After my parade, like Johnny Appleseed, I'll sit under an apple tree and relax as I enjoy eating a big American apple and savoring my personal victory."

Those are the words of my Filipino father, a U.S. Armed Forces Veteran. 

He was born in the Philippines, and had a wife and 9 children. 
He longed to immigrate to the U.S. to secure better economic opportunities, education, and healthcare for his family. 

But he died of a heart attack before he reached his American Dream for himself and our family.

Though Dad didn't make it, and even my fellow countrymen told me "the coconut is too high," I became an immigrant and citizen of the U.S. I'm living proof dreams are possible.

In turn, I'd like to give back to this wonderful country by serving the citizens of Carson.

If you are hungry for apples, coconuts, and change, vote for Lucille Mozena. 

I'll help you live your dreams.

Lucille Mozena

Dear Carson Residents:

We need to end the "Culture of Carson Corruption" that has existed since the city was founded.

It is shameful that so many of our elected officials have served prison terms for corruption. They should never have been elected.

We can make the change we need by electing decent, honorable leaders.

If I am elected as your representative, I will make sure your tax dollars are spent wisely for the benefit of all residents.

I will make you proud of your Carson government again.

But you must vote. 

The saying, "If you don't vote, you don't count," has never been more true than today.

Let's make our city known for financial honesty and integrity, not corruption.

I'm not a miracle worker, but I have many ideas to make our life better in Carson.

The most important reform is to post all Carson finances to the Internet daily, so we can see how the City spends our money.

Working together, we can create the change we need.

The council members up for reelection have failed us. They have had their chance for four years.

Now it is our turn.

Vote Steve Mozena. You'll see positive change happen.

Steve Mozena