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Lucille Mozena
Steve Mozena

About Lucille Mozena

In the beauty of the south sea Philippine islands, Lucille was born in the small town of Cabadbaran, on the island of Mindanao, in 1975. She is the eighth of nine children born to Augustine and Teresita Pedrita. Lucille has nearly forty nieces and nephews. Her father served in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II.

Her parents were farmhands and lived in a one-room home. Lucille remembers how, when she was young, her dad showed her and her younger sister Belen how to butcher a chicken. The first time they got together with their dad to chop off the head of the chicken, the two siblings screamed as the blood gushed out and they watched the chicken run around headless before collapsing a few moments later. They ran away screaming.

As a youngster, Lucille learned to work the farm with her parents, doing tasks like picking mangos. Even at this age, her entrepreneurial spirit began to show itself, and she would sell various items around the neighborhood, including her mom's macaroon cookies.

At 12 years old, Lucille's beauty began to blossom, and she won the "Miss Friendship Pageant."

Speaking of friends, when Lucille was a teenager, she saw a boy hurt one of her girlfriends then hop on his bike and try to make a quick getaway. Lucille yelled at him, called for a cab and chased after the boy. The boy pedaled furiously, desperate to get away from the pursuing Lucille and her girlfriend. His jacket flapped in the wind, and Lucille reached out of the cab and pulled on it. The boy's bike flipped over and he tumbled to the gravely ground. Victory to Lucille and her friend! That boy would surely think twice about hurting another girl, especially if Lucille was around. Truly, a fighting spirit.

In 1993, Lucille graduated from high school and shortly thereafter got her first job, as a waitress at the Tayyen Chinese Restaurant.

Once she felt comfortable and secure in her job, she asked both parents to quit their jobs as farmhands because she wanted to support them.

Not only was she able to do this, she would also at times give Dad a little extra money for his hobby of cockfighting.

In August of 1999, Lucille lost her dad to a heart attack. Augustine Pedrita did not live to see the fulfillment of his dream, which was to immigrate to the United States so he could earn a decent living and support his family.

Though her dad didn't make it the United States, Lucille did.

She had always longed to immigrate to America, but her brothers did not think it possible. "The coconut is too high," exclaimed her brother Ronaldo one day, pointing up to the top of a coconut tree.

Lucille's eyes watered as she looked up at the top of the tree. She was on the verge of tears. When she looked up at that out-of-reach coconut, it reminded her of her seemingly impossible goal.

But Lucille was determined to pursue her dream. She would do everything she possibly could to get to the famed land of opportunity to make a better life for herself but especially for her family, including her eight siblings.

This desire burned in Lucille's heart like an unrelenting fire, and at the age of 25, in May 2000, she arrived on the shores of America for the first time.

Her first job was as Ralph's Grocery Store Venice, CA, bagging groceries. It was at Ralph's that she met her husband while she was collecting shopping carts in August of 2000.

Lucille and Steve married in Las Vegas, Nevada, in April of 2001. Her husband-to-be had asked her whether she wanted an elaborate Catholic wedding-since both she and her husband are Catholic-or if she would prefer a quick Las Vegas wedding. She replied that not only did she want a Vegas wedding, she also wanted to go through the drive-through wedding ceremony at The Little White Chapel where famed Chicago Bulls basketball star Michael Jordan got married, as did blond-beauty pop singer Britney Spears.

So in April, with several friends, they rolled through Vegas in their SUV. Just before the wedding, her husband called his mother on his cell phone so she could listen to the wedding. Steve's twin sister happened to be at their mother's house and listened on the telephone as well.

After the wedding, the friends threw French fries instead of rice, figuring that since this was a drive-thru wedding, McDonald's-type French fries were more appropriate! Everyone had a good laugh.

Then, a little over a year later, in June 2002, came their first child, Arista.

Since then, Lucille has worked to raise Arista as well as helping Steve with the family publishing business.

Lucille was thrilled beyond belief to become a U.S. citizen in May 2006. Her eyes sparkled with pride as she took the citizenship oath, a moment which was the culmination of her long, legal route to becoming an American. She had finally reached that coconut that she had refused to believe was out of reach. And drinking from it was sweet.

This coming summer, 2007, Lucille's mom will immigrate to the United States. Lucille is delighted at the prospect of being reunited with her mother, and she never stops thinking about her own good fortune in being able to come to the United States.

"I'm living proof dreams are possible," says Lucille.

"In turn, I'd like to give back to this wonderful country by serving the citizens of Carson. I'll help you live your dreams."


About Steve Mozena

Along with his twin sister, Steve Mozena is the youngest of eight children born to European immigrant parents.


His father, now deceased, was born in Italy. He owned a medical equipment and supply company in Portland and Seattle.




Steve's mother, born in Ireland, founded "Portland's White House," the first bed and breakfast in Portland, so named because it resembled the White House.

Mozena received a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Oregon, and he soon made a name for himself as an entrepreneur, technology innovator, publisher, print and radio journalist, community activist, and creative, out-of-the-box problem-solver.

Mozena is a man who is not intimidated by large, unresponsive bureaucracies or by those who wield power and privilege but have forgotten who they are supposed to represent. He works passionately, tirelessly and ingeniously for the causes he believes in.

Early in his career, while working as a sports intern at KPTV-12 in Portland, Oregon, he came up with a creative idea that captured the public imagination. Building on the Portland Trailblazers' Blazermania and victory of the Western Conference in the late 1980s, Steve created the hot-selling "Blazer Tails," a three-colored streamer that people could tie onto their car antennas to show their support for the Blazers. He made eight thousand dollars from the Blazer Tails in one week!

Also in the late 1980s, Steve Mozena was a morning radio personality, giving drive-time broadcasts on Phoenix, Arizona's FM 100 KLZI radio station. He also created the persona of "Dr." Steve Mozena. He would don lab coat and scrubs for public appearances, and mix music and humor as he poked mild fun at himself as "Dr. Steve." This routine was based on an earlier stint of Steve's in which he owned and sold medical and surgical supplies to doctors' offices, hospitals, and nursing homes.

In the early 1990s, Mozena made his mark as a publisher. As founder, CEO, and publisher of Mozena Publishing, Inc., a custom textbook company, and ETEXT.net Electronic Textbook Publishing, an online academic publishing firm, he pioneered the electronic college textbook field.

ETEXT.net was founded in 1994, as Mozena's e-vision for education propelled him to take advantage of the Web before it was hip. See etext.net. ETEXT.net provides a service for college professors and students. Professors receive higher royalties, and students pay less for their custom etext than for conventional hardcover or paperback textbooks.

Steve Mozena is also a perpetual investigative reporter; his observations about the city, the media, and other items of importance to the citizens of Los Angeles and around the country have been widely published in cities such as Portland, Ore.; Seattle, Wash.; Phoenix, Ariz., and even New York. One of his recent undertakings is to promote fiscal responsibility in government. See his Post the Finances Web site at postthefinances.com

Mozena also has a long track record as a community activist. When he lived in Venice, California, he surprised everyone by persuading the Los Angeles City Council to embark on a long-overdue tree-trimming project. Local residents had been trying unsuccessfully for more than ten years to get this accomplished and turned to Steve for help. He asked the Council for funds to beautify Venice Beach and Boardwalk, joking that he represented the "Merchants of Venice" because he had a petition with more than 200 signatures of residents and merchants along the world-renowned Venice Beach Boardwalk. The Council took the Shakespearean hint, and Venice Beach was no longer treated like the city dump. With the necessary funds, Steve arranged for 600 trees to be trimmed. See the archives of the Los Angeles Times (latimes.com) for more information about his success.

Following this success, Steve Mozena approached the Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Commission, requesting grass seed for his community. The Commission said there was no money in the budget, but Steve offered to pay for the seed if the city promised to plant and take care of the seedlings. They agreed to this, but the city did not live up to its end of the bargain. So, Mr. Mozena, after having exhausted all measures to reclaim his money, as a final resort sued the city in small claims court and won. The Los Angeles Times' reporter, Bob Poole, wrote an article about the incident. See latimes.com archive for the story.

But this disappointment was not the end of Steve's beautification efforts. He enlisted the homeless to remove graffiti, had the city post new recreational road signs, remove debris, set up volleyball nets, repair potholes and sidewalks, fix fencing around storm drains, fix lampposts, and paint swing sets.

As a problem solver and out-of-the-box ideas generator, Steve came to the rescue of the City when it said it did not have enough money to tear down an old dilapidated building on Venice Beach. Mozena suggested a land swap with the Native Americans, granting them the right to build a casino on the site.

The State of Oregon had made a similar land swap with the Native Americans of Oregon. It was a typical piece of artful Mozena persuasion. The city managed to find the money to tear down the building and create a park on the site. The homeless have often had cause to be grateful for Steve Mozena's assistance. He has volunteered in homeless shelters, befriending these men and women of misfortune, even taking them to music concerts and sporting events. He helped a homeless man record a song on a CD, and as a result of his efforts Universal Music Group showed interest in signing this new talent once he received national exposure or was played on major radio stations. Maybe Simon, Randy or Paula will give the homeless man a shot on "American Idol."

Mozena has also participated in the political life of California. In 2001, he ran for public office in Lost Angeles because he wanted to give something more back to his community.

In his spare time, Steve Mozena has been a singer and actor. He sang in choir at both St. Monica's Catholic Church in Santa Monica, Calif. as well as St. Mark's Catholic Church in Venice, Calif. He has been a member of SAG and AFTRA actors' unions for more than 10 years.

In order to achieve his acting dreams, Mr. Mozena advertised himself on bus benches located near major Hollywood Studios. Shortly thereafter, a major motion picture was released about . . . an actor who advertises himself on a bus bench and goes from "Hollywood's Least Known to Hollywood's Most Wanted." The movie, "Jimmy Hollywood," was released by Paramount Pictures. It stars Joe Pesci and Christian Slater, and is directed by Barry Levinson. Art imitating Life! Rent it on Video or DVD.

In April 2001, Mozena married Lucille (Pedrita) Mozena. They have one child so far, a daughter, Arista Mozena, who was born in June of 2002.

Since moving to Carson, California, in 2002, Mozena has continued to be active in community life. He ran for public office in Carson in March, 2004, and actively worked to bring new businesses to Carson.

In 2005, Steve had some health problems, from which he fortunately has now recovered. His wife has also suffered two miscarriages.

Despite these setbacks, Steve continues to pursue his dreams. In late 2005, Steve went to a local recording studio and made a CD, "Daddy's Christmas Songs," featuring himself singing some of his favorite Christmas carols. He included 3 1/2 year old Arista singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." Steve persuaded the famed music mogul Clive Davis to personally listen to "Daddy's Christmas Songs."

Given his love of cooking-he once won second place in a cooking contest-Steve submitted his application to the Food Network's show "Next Food Network Star" and Bravo's "Top Chef."

In the meantime, Steve's letters on matters of national interest have been appearing in more and more newspapers. On January 1, 2006, one of his letters was published by the Chicago Sun-Times, and was followed 15 days later by another letter in USA Today.

Adding to these successes, Steve's wife Lucille became a U.S. citizen on May 5, 2006!

Steve's most recent venture is the promotion of "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio," which he envisions as a way for everyone to become singing stars on their local radio stations at Christmas. He created a "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" CD and contacted numerous radio group CEOs to promote the idea. He also marketed the CD, and two major retailers have asked him to contact them in early 2007.

"It ain't over till it's over," as Yogi Berra put it, and Steve's life certainly isn't over yet. He has loads more energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to share with everyone in the coming years. With Steve, you just never know what to expect next!