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::: Beautification & Environment :::

Lucille Mozena
Steve Mozena

Dear Neighbor:

We should do everything we can to protect our environment, so it presents no dangers to our health, particularly the most vulnerable amongst us, the very young and the elderly. 

On the island of Mindanao, Philippines, where I come from, there are basically no laws to protect people from environmental hazards. 

I am delighted now to live in a country where such dangers are recognized and laws enacted to prevent them from arising. 

We should strictly enforce all environmental laws. 

Although I am strongly pro-business, business should not profit at the expense of the health of the community.


Lucille Mozena


Dear Fellow Carsonite:

Is the air we breathe, the water we drink, and even the land we stand on in Carson really safe?

There are some questions we all need to ask.

Did you know that the Kellogg Fertilizer Plant has moved? Why has it moved?

I became concerned about the Kellogg plant in part because of what happened to two of my neighbors, both of them women who died of breast cancer, at ages 42 and 58. I told the Council I was worried that the toxic air might have had something to do with their illnesses. I said I would appreciate an investigation of the odors coming from the Kellogg Fertilizer Plant, Carson Sewer Plant and the nearby Oil Refinery.

I went before the Environmental Committee, at the request of the chair, and explained my concerns again.

I explained to them it wasn't the smells I was worried about, but the possible toxins in the air. Because of the early deaths of my neighbors, I suspect there is an environmental hazard here. Is that why Kellogg is leaving, so they do not get tangled up in a lawsuit?

If my suspicions should turn out to be correct, think of the terrible loss to these two families, each of whom has lost a wife and a mother to breast cancer. Could these deaths have been avoided?

Something doesn't smell right in Carson.

I have asked the city to test for toxins, but nothing has happened. It's time that some action was taken on this and other concerns.

Kellogg moved. I believe I may have been at least partly responsible for the company's decision to move, and may therefore have reduced the threat to the quality of life and the health of my fellow Carsonites.

Nevertheless, I promise you, the citizens of Carson, that as your Councilmember, I will do everything in my power to prevent Carson from harboring environmental hazards of any kind.

Since we are bordered by several freeways, with all the pollution they bring, we need to ensure that we are all breathing, clean, healthy air, not air that is full of toxins.

To ensure Carsonites breathe clean air and drink clean water, I will be your "Erin Brockovich."

I will fight for a healthy environment and a healthy home for everyone.


When I look at some of the less attractive parts of our city, I realize that it's high time we all joined together to make Carson a beautiful place to live in.

The beautification of this city is one of my top priorities. As a community activist in the late 1990's, I had great success in Venice Beach, from getting the city to trim and shave more than 600 palm trees to enlisting the homeless to paint and to remove graffiti.

For all of you, I will arrange for daily routine maintenance for all Carson neighborhoods to keep the city looking beautiful. This will include cleaning, tree trimming, curb painting, graffiti removal, and maintenance of traffic islands, parks, and other recreational facilities.

This will help us all to feel a sense of pride in our community.

I'd also like to see lots of flowers and shrubbery. Even on the highway, I'd like to see honey blossom covering the cinder block sound walls, and murals on freeway retaining walls. I'd like to see more color rather than the usual greenery on the side of the freeways. We have a great climate here, which means that in our landscaping we can have great variety of plants and flowers. I will encourage the planting of vegetable gardens and fruit trees and the placing of many hanging plants in the city. I will introduce better lamppost banners announcing events, and have music playing in the downtown area with speakers attached to lampposts.

I want Carson to be a city that people enjoy living in and which attracts visitors.

One idea I have is that Carson could become known as the city of beautiful water fountains.

Another idea is to use the Dominguez Channel as an attraction for visitors. We could make it into a recreation area, with restaurants and retail stores over the channel, along with paths for biking, roller blading, and walking. There should be lots of trees, flowers and greenery for visitors and residents alike to spend their days, nights and weekends enjoying the waterfront of Dominguez Channel. There is always water in the channel because it's below sea-level, and we should take full advantage of this natural feature. 


Steve Mozena