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::: Seniors & Medical :::

Lucille Mozena
Steve Mozena

Dear Neighbor:

I recognize the burden that high prescription drug costs impose on many people. 

I want better healthcare for everyone. My 75-year-old mom will be immigrating to America and living in Carson this summer, so that gives me an extra incentive to be aware of the healthcare needs of our seniors. 

Like all children want for their parents, I would like my mom to receive the best, most affordable medical care in her golden years. 


Lucille Mozena


Dear Fellow Carsonite:

My senior citizen neighbors complain to me about the high costs of medicine, especially if you are living on a fixed income. I also learn a lot from my mother, a senior citizen, about the needs of seniors. I can help lower these high medical costs.

"I feel your pain," and I can help alleviate it. I can help lower prescription and medical supply costs for seniors, the disabled and those on fixed incomes.

Look at my experience. While politicians talk about lowering costs, I have practical experience of having done it. I know how to do it. Do you want someone to lower your medical and prescriptions costs?

I'm that man.

So often in politics you either get a teacher, public employee, or a lawyer who has virtually no experience in any other profession.

In the field of medicine, both on the supply side as well as patient care, I have an incredible amount of experience.

I entered the field as a youngster of 10 at my father's physician and hospital supply company. I put together what we called "Care Sets", which were the admission kits for hospitals and nursing homes: wash basin, emesis basin, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, and so forth.

In fact, I got experience in virtually every facet of the business: cleaning toilets, shipping and receiving, picking orders, stocking shelves, typing invoices, purchasing, quoting governmental bids such as V.A. and G.S.A. contracts, selling medical and surgical supplies. Upon my father's death, I managed the Seattle branch of the company, and a year later, I found a buyer and sold the Portland, OR and Seattle company. Our company was both wholesale and retail. In fact, in retail, we dealt with M.D.A. and M.S. contracts, to name just a couple.

An important part of government is bids. I learned not only quoting but how to get price protections from the manufacturers. I have dealt with many of these manufacturers for years. In fact, I will bring some of the manufacturers to Carson to create jobs.

Moreover, I took a medical career class as a part of my education at Monroe High School where I learned not only theoretical knowledge in anatomy and medical terminology, but also got practical experience on medical equipment and supplies, from how to use a steam autoclave to inserting a catheter.

Beyond this, I had a summer internship, which turned into a job, working for the State of Oregon's Health Science Center in their Lab Stores, in their Hospital Accounting and Purchasing Department, where I learned the workings of the governmental accounting and purchasing system.

Moreover, after I sold the company, I made a bold move and got a job working for the leading hospital supply company, American Hospital Supply, at its corporate headquarters in Chicago, now named Colonial Healthcare and based in Ohio. Subsequently, I moved to Boston, where I worked for Daly Drug and Supply. At the same time, I was learning to develop a national medical company in each region of the country.

I then went back and finished college as a full-time student.

After this I moved to Los Angeles, where I got a job within a week at FoxMeyer Hospital Supply, where my territory covered hospitals like California Hospital and White Memorial in Los Angeles, and hospitals in the San Fernando Valley. With much success and the award of the large hospital contract, V.H.A., I was asked to move to Phoenix, Arizona, to help service the new contract there.

Later, I would work for Bay Area Surgical and Stuart's Drug and Supply in San Francisco, capping off my supply experience in the field.

My knowledge is extensive, on everything from enemas to aspirin and bedpans to surgical procedure packs.

Then I had the opportunity to work for two of my brothers who were physicians. I worked from front office to back office, learning billing systems for everything from Medicare to Blue Cross.

Given all this experience, I pledge to Carson's residents that I will do everything I can to lower medical costs, establish better medical facilities for everyone, especially senior citizens and the disabled, and a city-centered hospital.


Steve Mozena